Satin Dressmaking Fabric

  1. Satin Fabrics in Fashion

    Satin Fabric has been one of the most appreciated materials in fashion and dressmaking for many years, even centuries. Satin Fabrics originate from China and first rose to prominence over 2000 years ago, deriving its name from the Chinese town of Zayton from where this fabric was first exported to the west during the middle ages. At this time, Satin...
  2. Satin Fabrics for Evening Wear

    Satin Fabrics give off such elegance and feminine glamour making it a perfect material for evening wear garments like dresses, gowns and long skirts. Satin is a very identifiable fabric noticed from its glossy shiny surface and duller background making it extremely popular with all ages. It is quite a stiff fabric so its able to create beautiful structures for...

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