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  • Reversible Satin Fabric for special occasion wear

    Satin Fabric is always a popular material to use for special occasion outfits and will probably continue to be popular for this use for years to come. There are a number of different satins available on the market including duchess satin and stretch satin for structured dresses that need a bit of body to them; to silk touch satin which is a lightweight, drapey satin more suitable for long, elegant dresses. Satin Fabric can be used to create bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, outfits for the races, smart jackets and prom dresses. Although it is loved by a lot of peo… Read More
  • Satin Fabrics at Calico Laine

    Satin Fabrics are popular for bridal and costume wear due to their beautiful glossy finish, attractive draping quality and soft feel. Here at Calico Laine we have many options of satin to choose from depending on what you are hoping to make. At the lower end of the price range, making it ideal for fancy dress or costume production, is our economy Satin Fabric. Economy satin is a lightweight satin which comes in a wide variety of colours including classics such as red and royal and neon colours such as fluorescent yellow and fluorescent green. It is 15… Read More
  • Satin Fabrics for your big day

    Satin Fabrics are one of the most popular choice of fabrics when it comes to creating beautiful dresses for special occasions especially weddings. We stock a wide range of satins from heavier weight quality duchess satins to lighter more affordable economy satins which all make up into stunning gowns. Our duchess Satin Fabric comes in a large variety of colours all perfect for your wedding day. We have more traditional shades like white and ivory then a range of bright or pastel colours that would be gorgeous for bridesmaid dresses and mens accessories. When it co… Read More
  • Satin Fabrics

    Here at Calico Laine, we stock a wide variety of Satin Fabric. It's glossy appearance makes it perfect for glamorous dresses, unforgettable costumes and even set dressings for theatre or that special school play the children are starring in. Our economy satin is low in price but high in quality, a perfect choice for costume making and scenery backdrops. Made from 100% polyester, it will make stunning drapes, stage curtains, dresses and blouses and it won't break the bank! We also have sequin satin which comes in a range of colours when you're looking for something… Read More
  • Satin Fabric for Christmas plays

    Our economy satins make for great costumes whilst sticking to a budget. It is that time of year when all the school children are taking part in school nativities and plays for the festive season. We often have parents and teachers visiting our retail store and online shop looking for fabric to create costumes for the play and as they are usually on a budget they are looking for the best value for money materials. One of the best fabrics to use for this project is Satin Fabric and in particular economy satin. Economy satin is the cheapest satin we stock and is ide… Read More
  • Style your look this Christmas with our Satin Fabrics

    So it has got to that time of year again were everybody's priorities are booking there Christmas nights out again, whether it is to be with the lads, the girls or just a staff night out. Whoever it is with, the big question is still hanging in the air, 'What will I wear?' If you are like me and own 193 items of clothing, but only actually wear the same 11 things over and over again and basically never have any outfits to wear, then I feel your pain. People constantly come to my house, see my wardrobe, and it is like they are looking at a completely different thing… Read More
  • Satin Fabrics at Christmas

    With Christmas fast approaching, most of us have already decided what it is that we are going to wear for the big night out with friends or work colleagues. However, if you are still not sure - and you are struggling to find something available on the high street - why not try making your own outfit? You're guaranteed to have a unique garment this way, and some of the most popular choices for this kind of project are found in our Satin Fabrics. Guaranteed to make anyone look glamorous, we've picked a few out to talk about in today's blog to hopefully aid you in ma… Read More
  • Satin Fabric

    Choosing the right fabric for a prom, evening or wedding dress is a very critical aspect of making them yourself. There is so much choice, especially here at Calico Laine, I always think the best way to pick is to get rid of any fabric that may be uncomfortable, or not fitting to the season you'll be wearing it in. I would then begin to eliminate any fabrics that are not suitable to the style of your idea. Numerous different materials are used through out dress making nowadays and if you want to look your best then you should definitely make sure you have picked … Read More
  • Satin Fabric - Christmas party outfits on a budget

    This morning, at Calico Laine, we have been discussing what to do for our Christmas party; I know it seems early but there are only 98 days left until the big day. When we have decided where to go, next comes the discussion of what everyone is going to wear and I am sure many of you will be looking to get new outfits for your Christmas party too. Not everyone wants to buy outfits from the high street just in case you end up wearing the same dress as someone else in the office and therefore many of you will turn to your dressmaking skills to create something unique… Read More
  • Satin Fabric - Economy Satin for school plays

    It is the beginning of September and unfortunately the end of summer has come round and it is now time for the kids to go back to school. Before we know it, it will be time for Christmas and the kids will all be starring in their nativity and Christmas plays. We often get asked by schools for fabrics to use as costumes and backdrops for the school play and one of our most popular material for this is a Satin Fabric called economy satin. Economy Satin is the ideal Satin Fabric for schools Economy satin is a Satin Fabric that is great value for money and this is w… Read More

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