Stretch Dress Lining

  1. Dress Lining - A Dress Fabric to create a quality finish

    It is important that when you are dressmaking, that you choose the correct Dress Fabric for making your garment. If you pick a lightweight fabric, you may wish to also use a dress lining as a second layer to make sure that the item cannot be seen through or to keep you warmer in the colder weather. There are many...
  2. Dress Lining Fabric - An essential dressmaking fabric

    Dress Lining at Calico Laine One of the most important fabrics dressmakers may use in their work is Dress Lining Fabric. This material is used when making up a garment for a number of reasons and can be cheap way to achieve a high quality finish to your clothes. Dress lining is used underneath the outside layers of fabric on...

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