1. Tartan - the best winter fabric you'll find

    Tartan - the best winter fabric you'll find
    Whenever we think about the perfect winter fabrics our minds always end up in two places: wool and tartan. While we know that tartan is more of a pattern rather than a fabric, we still think it brings up gorgeous ideas about designs and outfits that we can create with that familiar Scottish pattern. Tartan - the perfect winter fabric...
  2. Dress Fabric - Tartan Trends

    This winter tartan fabric has made a huge comeback in every way. People are wearing garments, footwear and accessories all with a tartan design. This is a trend that comes and goes every year and never goes out of fashion with many high street stores and top end designers. Here at Calico Laine we always notice this Dress Fabric become...
  3. Tartan and Brushed Cottons

    Style and design (along with quality) are always one of the top areas we look for when bringing you new fabrics. As the colder weather is fast approaching us, Tartans and Brushed Cottons are right on trend! Tartan is a medium weight fabric made from Polyester and Viscose and can be made into all sorts of different dressmaking ideas such...

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