Whenever we think about the perfect winter fabrics our minds always end up in two places: wool and tartan. While we know that tartan is more of a pattern rather than a fabric, we still think it brings up gorgeous ideas about designs and outfits that we can create with that familiar Scottish pattern.

Tartan - the perfect winter fabric?

Whenever we find tartan fabric we know that it is going to end up in an amazing creation: there's so much that you can do with it and with so many colours and patterns available there are limitless options for what we can make. From the timeless skirt and blazer yellow tartan combination in Clueless to the typical tartan pattern scarves that hang around women's necks every winter, we can think of a million and one different ways you can use tartan fabric to make a stylish creation.

Our tartan pattern fabric is gorgeousTartan pattern in fashion

Originally worn in kilts and other traditional Scottish clothing, the tartan pattern has become more of a fashion staple over time, and is definitely found in most winter fabrics for both men and women. You won't only find the pattern in scarves and shirts now though - plenty of Christmas decorations and even pet's bedding features tartan fabric and gives an overwhelming feeling of warmth. It's impossible to ever feel cold while wearing tartan, the pattern itself just seems to ooze warmth.

As an important winter fabric staple, tartan pattern fabric has become so much more popular as the years have passed, as it has become a main focal point for clothing and furniture designs for the winter months - with tartan blankets covering the knees of our amazing creators every night.


Tartan has proven itself to be a perfect winter fabric, and with the tartan pattern only growing in popularity we won't be surprised if we run out of tartan fabric one year!