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The Difference Between Sewing Machine Needles

One of the most frequently asked Haberdashery questions that we get from our customers is which sewing machine needle is most suitable for their projects - and with so much selection not only in this item but also across our huge fabric ranges, it can be a little overwhelming trying to make the right choice. In today's blog, we'll be talking about the differences between several types of sewing machine needles, which will hopefully aid you in making the right decision for your own project.

Universal Point - These needles are made with a slightly rounded point, similar to a ball point needle, and is used for the majority of fabrics and projects. It is tapered so that it passes through the weave of a fabric with ease. These needles are usually the kind that are supplied with most sewing machines and come in many different sizes.

Topstitching - For heavier topstitching threads, a larger eye and deeper groove is needed and so these needles are perfect for the job. They can also be used with two threads at a time to produced a more emphasised stitch.

Quilting - Also known as 'Betweens', these needles have a tapered point that allow the user to stitch through multiple layers of fabric. These needles are smaller and stronger than regular needles, and have a small eye for delicate stitching. They are available in a number of sizes and are specially made to prevent damage to quilting projects when being worked on.

Embroidery - These needles have a larger eye for use with thicker embroidery threads, and as such they are designed  have a larger needle eye to accommodate the thicker embroidery threads. They are also designed to protect the decorative threads from breaking.

Sharp Points (Regular) - Specially designed for use with woven fabrics such as linen, these needles cause minimal puckering and stitch evenly across fabrics without damage. They are more skinny than other needles, ensuring they pass through the weave easily, and come in various sizes that are perfect for many different woven cloths.

Ball Point - These needles are made especially for knit and stretch fabrics such as jersey and lycra. Instead of a sharp point they have a round one, and they push between the yarns in the weave rather than pierce through them. Ball point needles are available in various sizes and the larger the needle, the more rounded the point is.

If you are still struggling with making the correct choice of sewing machine needle for a fabric you have, feel free to give our friendly sales team a call on 0151 336 3939, or drop them an email at sales@calicolaine.co.uk and they will be all too happy to aid you in making the right selection.