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The Health Benefits of Knitting

Many of our customers are avid fans of knitting and like to do this as a hobby in the evenings rather than spending the evening watching the television. Knitters tend to find the process of knitting Wool relaxing and there has been a lot of talk recently about the art of knitting Wool being therapeutic and beneficial to your long term health.

In 2013, a survey of over 3,500 knitters found that 81.5 percent of people found that they were happier in themselves when they were knitting Wool. This is one of the reasons that occupational therapists are now using the process of knitting Wool as a mind - stimulating task to alleviate symptoms of depression. The motion of knitting has been proven to decrease stress hormones and increase the release of 'good mood' hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. It also helps to improve the motor functions in patients with diseases such as Parkinson's.

The process of learning to knit Wool also increases people's self esteem and people seem to gain more confidence as they become better at more difficult patterns. In a project, called 'Project Knitwell', hospital patients, staff and caregivers are taught how to knit with Wool and Yarn and studies have shown that  people “are less worried and feel a great sense of accomplishment when they complete a knitted item.” In a similar project, mothers of premature babies are taught how to knit a hat for their child. This give them a sense of mothering and pride when they are unable to hold their baby for several weeks or months.

Some studies have also shown that stimulating activities such as the art of knitting Wool, can delay dementia. Knitting is a craft that uses many areas of the brain including attention span and memory while also using your problem solving ability and creative side which may help delay your brain in aging.

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