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Three Spookily Easy Last Minute Halloween Crafts

Halloween is now less than a week away, but don't fear here at Calico Laine we've got you covered with three spookily easy last minute halloween crafts to get you in the spirit.

Mini Felt Pumpkins

Felt Pumpkins, Halloween Crafts Felt Pumpkins, Halloween Crafts

You Will Need

Step By Step

  1. Cut a 20cm circle out of your orange felt for the body of your pumpkin.
  2. Cut a 5cm circle out of your orange and green felt for the base and top of your pumpkin.
  3. Cut a 4x8 rectangle out of your brown felt to cut out the stem of your pumpkin.
  4. Ladder stitch around the body of your pumpkin with your cotton thread, leaving an inch at either end.
  5. Place a good amount of stuffing into the middle of your pumpkin.
  6. Pull your thread ends tight to draw the outside edges of your pumpkin together.
  7. Tie the thread ends together to secure your pumpkin body in shape.
  8. Create the segments of your pumpkin by threading through the middle from bottom to top with your embroidery thread.
  9. Glue the base and top of your pumpkin over the thread holes on the bottom and the opening on the top.
  10. Roll up the stem of your pumpkin and secure it with glue.
  11. Glue the base of the stem to the centre of your pumpkin and push down to create a sprouting shape.

Bat Hangings

Bat Hangings, Halloween Crafts Bat Hangings, Halloween Crafts

You Will Need

Step By Step

  1. Cut out a bat shaped template on your cardboard.
  2. Use your template to cut out two bats on your black fabric and your iron on interfacing.
  3. Iron each of your black bats to an interfacing bat.
  4. Sew these together but leave the heads unattached.
  5. Cut 25cm of ribbon and fold together.
  6. Insert the ribbon ends between the heads and glue closed.
  7. Stick on your googly eyes.

Halloween Bunting

Halloween Bunting, Halloween Crafts Halloween Bunting, Halloween Crafts

You Will Need

Step by Step

  1. Cut your bias binding to your desired length.
  2. Make a 16cm x 16cm x 16cm triangle template.
  3. Divide the length of your bias binding by 16cm to work out how many triangles you will need, including a 1cm gap between each one and 5cm on each end for hanging.
  4. Double this amount for the front and back of your buntings.
  5. Divide your amount of triangles between the amount of different fabrics you have and cut an equal amount out of each.
  6. Sew the sides of each triangle with the right sides together.
  7. Turn your triangles the right way and press.
  8. Place your triangles equally spaced across your bias binding, fold over and pin in place.
  9. Sew straight down the middle to secure your triangles inside your bias binding.