Many people are put off by the idea of using concealed or invisible Zips simply because they look more difficult than your ordinary zip. Adding a concealed zip is actually much easier than you might think. The name is quite self explanatory with invisible zips, they almost look like they are inside out and they are inserted into a garment or crafting project without any visual machine stitching showing. They are inserted using only the seam allowance so they are completely hidden.

When inserting a concealed zip its quite easy to do with just your normal sewing foot however you can buy an invisible presser foot especially designed for such jobs. Most large sewing machine manufactures will offer this product as an additional add on but they are widely available online. Like most jobs the key to getting a beautifully neat concealed zip inserted perfectly in the preparation.

The easiest time to insert any zip is while your two back (or side) pieces are still completely separate. Using a tailors chalk mark the inside of your fabric outlining where your zip is going to go and then iron your zip pressing the teeth away from tape to ensure a tight fit.

How to use a Concealed Zip

Open the zip as far as it will go, place the zip facing downwards onto the right side of your fabric. The right hand side of the zip needs pinning to the left side edge of your fabric leaving sufficient seam allowances. Starting at the top, sew down the fabric carefully and slowly getting as close to the teeth of the zip as you can. Repeat this placing the left hand side of the zip against the right seam edge. This time sewing from the bottom upwards. Once the concealed zip is secure iron the fabric seams around the zip for a crisp neat finish. you then need to finish joining the two back (or side) pieces. If you haven't tried it before then its not as difficult as it may appear, give it ago, try for yourself. What's the worst that can happen?