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Wedding Fabrics - Reversible Fabric

In general, most of our customers have a preference to whether they like their fabrics to have a matte finish or to be shiny and this is particularly the case when it comes to Wedding Fabrics. Decades ago it would have been fashionable to have a wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses made from high sheen fabrics such as lightweight satins and taffeta however in more recent years brides have been seen leaning towards matte finish Wedding Fabrics for a more subtle look without compromising on the quality of the fabric.

Reversible Wedding Fabric Satin back crepe wedding fabric

For those of you who don't have a preference and like a bit of both shiny and matte however, satin back crepe and satin back dupion Wedding Fabrics are ideal. These materials are manufactured in a way that both sides can be used as the right side of the fabric and in this sense are reversible fabrics. This allows you to create pattern with the material without using different colours. For example, a panel across the centre of the dress could be made from the shiny side of the fabric with the rest of the dress made from the matte side so that this piece stands out as a feature.

Both satin back dupion and satin back crepe are versatile medium weight Wedding Fabrics and can be used for wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses or mother of the bride outfits. Satin back dupion is particulary popular for mother of the bride outfits as it designed with a 'slub' running through it to resemble genuine silk but as it is 100% polyester it can be fully washed and is better value for money than pure silk. Popular designs for mother of the bride may be to use the matte side for a matte finish jacket with the shiny side to create a dress or vice versa. Satin back crepe is more favoured for bridesmaid dresses and suits patterns that need a fabric that will drape well. The crepe side of this fabric has an attractive texture to it and would look especially stunning for a winter wedding for both bride and bridesmaids.