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Winter Dress Fabrics at Calico Laine

Now that we are within a month of Christmas, you might have finished your Christmas shopping and preparations and are now after a dressmaking project to focus on while you wait for the big day to arrive. I love to spend my free time sewing anything and everything, and I have been looking into Dress Fabrics to use for clothing suitable to wear over the winter months. In today's blog, I'll be talking about a few of my own recommendations that are great for use over the winter months, bound to keep you cosy and warm in the cold weather.

Double Knit Jersey - This beautiful fabric is a personal favourite of my own, and it is a popular choice amongst our customers all year round. This heavyweight jersey is available in several different different colours and is one of my top choice Dress Fabrics to work with. With its thickness comes warmth, although it is not a hassle to wear and looks fantastic when made up. I like to make myself a dress for the Christmas season every year, and our double knit jersey almost always wins out in the end. This year I am looking at the purple for making some clothing!

Tartan - This Dress Fabric has made a major comeback over the months of 2014, and along with having so much choice in patterns and colours, it is a very versatile fabric. It can be used for anything from trousers to dresses and even coats, but also looks great when used as a contrast lining in a garment such as a cape or a shrug. I am hoping to make a pinafore style skirt out of our cerise tartan before the year is out.

Fleece - No matter what time of year it is, our customers are always buying from our massive range of fleece, available in both plain and patterned choices. An added bonus of this gorgeous fabric is that all of the fleece we stock is anti-pill - this means that, even with repeated washing, it will not form those little 'bobbles' that can form on the surface of the fabric. It is a great choice for everything from hoodies to pyjamas and is great at keeping you warm.

Winter Fabrics - These Dress Fabrics include wools, polyesters and a number of others that are a great choice for winter dressmaking projects. They are perfect for use in either office wear or casual wear; the decision is entirely yours, but with so many patterns to choose from you are bound to find one suitable for whatever you are hoping to make.

Have you used any of these fabrics in your own winter dressmaking projects? Do you have any personal favourites to recommend that we haven't mentioned here? Get in touch via our Facebook page and leave a comment - we love to hear back from our customers!