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Winter Dressmaking Fabrics at Calico Laine

Christmas is nearly upon us! With less than a week to go, hopefully you have sorted all of your gift and food shopping. The tree is now lit up and dressed up with all of your best decorations - and speaking of dressed up, have you planned your outfit for the big day? If, like me, you're still puzzling on what to wear, why not consider picking up some Dressmaking Fabrics here at Calico Laine and making your own unique holiday outfit? In today's blog, I'll be talking about a few of my personal recommendations for a classy garment perfect to wear on Christmas Day.

Double Knit Jersey - This beautiful fabric is a top choice of mine for making garments, and it is a popular choice amongst our customers all year round. This heavyweight jersey is available in several different colours and with its thickness comes warmth. Even though it has a good weight to it, it is not a hassle to wear and looks fantastic when made up. I like to make myself a dress for the Christmas season every year, and our double knit jersey almost always wins out in the end. This year I am looking at the purple or the cerise for making a dress!

Tartan - This Dressmaking Fabric has made a major comeback over the months of 2014, and along with having so much choice in patterns and colours, it is a very versatile fabric. It can be used for anything from trousers to dresses and even coats, but also looks great when used as a contrast lining in a garment such as a cape or a shrug. I am hoping to make a pinafore style skirt out of our cerise tartan before the year is out. It is available in a number of designs that contain holiday colours as well, which is perfect for those feeling particularly festive.

Winter Fabrics - These Dressmaking Fabrics include wools, polyesters and a number of others that are a great choice for winter dressmaking projects. Even though they are a good choice for office wear, they are also great for smart-casual garments as well. The decision is entirely yours, but with so many patterns to choose from you are bound to find one suitable for whatever you are hoping to make.

Satin Back Crepe - If you're looking for something a little more formal for your Christmas outfit, why not go with our Satin Back Crepe? This beautiful fabric is available in a good range of different shades and is also reversible, meaning you can choose to use either the shiny or the matte side for your garment. This fabric looks fantastic when paired with a chiffon or a lace.

Have you used any of these fabrics in your own dressmaking projects? Do you have any personal favourites to recommend that we haven't mentioned here? Get in touch via our Facebook page and leave a comment - we love to hear back from our customers!