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Winter Dressmaking Fabrics - Calico Laine

Dressmaking Fabrics our the most popular range of materials bought by our customers. We have found this to be the case because everybody wants their own unique clothing. Many people tend to create their own fashion inspired clothing pieces to save them cost and decision making as they are able to choose exactly what colour and design they want without shopping around for hours trying to choose an outfit that might not be perfect for them.

We have a large range of beautiful Dress Fabrics here at Calico Laine that makes it possible for you to create high fashion items such as dresses, skirts, trousers and many more garments that you can make all by yourself in your own home. The main attraction of you creating your own garment is you can make an entire fashionable outfit for a fraction of the price that is seen in the stores nowadays and the fact that no one else will be wearing the same colour or design as you making your outfit bespoke and unique.

Th Dressmaking Fabrics range from satins to chiffons and many more beautiful materials that are ideal for creating evening wear pieces for special occasions as well as every day outfits and accessories such as scarves. Winter Dress Fabrics are the main materials trending with our customers now as people are wanting to create warmer style garments for these colder months ahead of us. Our most recent winter Dressmaking Fabric is our luxury double knit jerseys in a beautiful selection of colours which have only been online for a few weeks and are already selling out fast.

Double knit jersey Dressmaking Fabrics

Luxury double knit jersey is an excellent quality 4 way stretch fabric that has an excellent body and weight making it perfect for flattering warmer garments. This material has a beautiful drape and soft feel that works well when creating clothing pieces such as dresses, jumpers and other formal wear. This stunning fabric will retain its shape perfectly and will last a long time making it popular for a wide range of dressmaking projects.

If you are looking for the perfect winter Dress Fabric this year to create your own fashionable garment take a look at our new range of luxury double knit jersey as well as our large selection of other Dressmaking Fabrics and winter materials we have to offer online.

Double Knit Jersey Dressmaking Fabrics Luxury Double Knit Jersey Dressmaking Fabric