This is my favourite time of year when it comes to fashion and creating your own garments as I am in love with the colours, trends and different styles that are around for the winter months. September is when we start getting in all our brand new Winter Fabrics which is a really exciting time for the staff here at calico laine and our regular customers. Our Winter Fabrics usually consist of new tartan checks, woollen materials and christmas fabrics that are all extremely popular around this time of year. When the weather starts getting cooler every dressmaker starts preparing their new creations starting with buying patterns and brand new fabrics to make up into stunning and stylish winter garments.

[caption id="attachment_12806" align="alignleft" width="300"]Royal Tartan Fabric Royal Tartan Fabric[/caption]

We have already started getting our new Winter Fabrics in starting with stylish tartan checks that are available in a wide range of colours and designs. The new designs are a mix of traditional tartan checks as well as brighter colours such as pink and turquoise that will catch everyones eye this winter. You can see these new tartans in both our stores and online under Winter Fabrics and the new arrivals section which is filled with brand new stock weekly. Our tartan fabrics are excellent quality dressmaking materials popular for their traditional designs and are the perfect choice for creating stylish winter trousers, jackets, dresses and of course fashionable kilts. Our tartan checks are composed of a polyester and viscose mix giving them a soft feel, comfort on the skin and long lasting qualities making them ideal for a variety of on trend garments. All the team at calico laine are very excited for more of our new Winter Fabrics to arrive within the next couple of weeks especially our christmas prints which everyone goes crazy for. We will also be stocking a range of new wools, meltons and popular favourites such as double knit jersey.

If you looking for Winter Fabrics and need them soon we still have a large range of winter materials available as well as our new tartans, with fabrics such as wools, other thicker check materials and stunning medium weight flannel fabrics that all make up into beautiful stylish garments for the colder months ahead. As Winter Fabrics are often more thicker than regular dressmaking fabrics we have sewing machine needles and stronger threads that are great to use when sewing these materials making sure you complete your projects with ease and enjoyment.