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Winter Fabrics for Winter Coats

Winter Elgin Winter Fabrics for Dressmaking

This week I have been looking at my wardrobe and all of my winter clothes, getting ready for the colder months ahead. It is time to put away the lightweight cardigans and get out the heavy woollen jumpers and scarves. For years I have had a trusty black, woollen coat that I wear everywhere in the winter, whether it be for a day trip out or a night out on the town as it is lovely and warm in the chilly weather. As I have has this coat for many years now it is starting to look a bit tired and it is definately time for a new one. Instead of buying a coat I thought I would give my dressmaking skills a test and make my own coat from one of the beautiful Winter Fabrics we have in stock.

There are a number of Winter Fabrics to choose from to make a warm, winter coat. If I was looking to make a similar style coat to the one I already have a melton fabric would be ideal. Melton fabric feels very similar to boiled wool to touch which is also very popular for making jackets and coats. It is a heavy weight fabric that would keep you nice and warm on those cold days and in a number of plain colours it is great for making a more formal style winter coat. Melton Winter Fabrics do not tend to fray when cut and are easy to work. With its brushed napped finish it has a smooth appearance which again would be a great aesthetic for a formal style coat.

If I was looking for a fabric with more personality to it, I would probably choose one of the woollen Winter Fabrics that are available at Calico Laine as there are plenty with gorgeous check or houndstooth patterns to them; which give you a more unique look. Some of the most popular fabrics in the range are the elgins and they are also one of my favourites. Unfortunately for me however, I do not think that my dressmaking skills will stretch to pattern matching which is needed when you are making garments with check fabrics but for the more advanced dressmaker these would be an excellent choice for a winter coat.