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Your Haberdashery Kit with Calico Laine

Haberdashery can be a bit of an umbrella word. It can cover everything from your most basic sewing essentials through to specialist items. But how do you wade through all the exciting sparkly pieces to get to what you really need? Our team at Calico Laine is on hand to help you create your perfect haberdashery kit. This is great if you are just starting out, or if you just want to organise and elevate your equipment.

The Basics

So what are the basics? This is your go-to kit which comes on every sewing venture you take and everyone's is slightly different. You will definitely need a pair of thread snips or embroidery scissors and a good pair of fabric scissors. Take a look at our handy Scissor Guide for more details on this.

Pins and needles are next on the haberdashery list, getting the right ones for the fabric you are working on and replacing them regularly is key. I know it is easy to fall into the habit of using that 'old favourite', but a blunt needle can really damage your fabric. I like to have an assorted pack of needles as a basic in my sewing bag, then pick up anything specialised when purchasing my fabrics. The same goes for pins; make sure you regularly dispose of any bent, blunt or broken pins to keep your work beautifully neat.

I love to treat myself to a new tape measure every now and then, mine are well used and get easily misplaced amongst my sewing kit! A great tape measure to have to hand is the Prym Colour Analogue Tape Measure as it has both measurements, making it easy to change between the two.

Another handy essential is a good fabric marker. Erasable pens have taken over the more traditional tailors chalk due to their durability. The Prym Trickmarker Self-Erasing Marking Pen comes off easily with a damp cloth (or a little steam). If you do prefer chalk, the Prym Calk Wheel is a brilliant and durable marking tool.

Seam rippers, safety pins and a basic selection of fastenings are also brilliant to have to hand. I always have an assortment of press studs (popper buttons) or hook & eyes in my kit for last minute repairs.

Fun Haberdashery Favourites

If you've got your basics but just can't help treating yourself, some of my current favourites are our rainbow of Dylon Dyes. These are brilliant to refresh an old garment, or to dye a fabric you just can't quite colour match. Equipment-wise I am definitely enjoying the Vario Popper Pliers, as it can be used with a variety of different fastenings and eyelets. This makes all those hours of hammering at buttons and rivets a thing of the past! This has become a firm favourite in my haberdashery kit.

As for those haberdashery items I can never resist, our range of lace and trims always catch my eye. Our Chenille Pom Pom trims look great on cushion covers or quilt edgings to add something a little extra to your project.