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Your One Stop Fabric Store - Calico Laine

Even with so many sewing enthusiasts across the United Kingdom and even worldwide, a great Fabric Store seems to be difficult to find for a lot of our customers who contact us in the hope that we can help supply them with what they are after. If you are not in a major city like London, for example, then Fabric Stores can be few and far between if you are looking for one within driving distance of your home. So what can you do?

Fear not! Here at Calico Laine, we can understand the struggle to find that perfect fabric for your sewing project. Fortunately, we are here to help! In addition to our friendly sales team who are available to contact both by telephone and by email, we also have a sample service that ranges across almost all of our fabrics we have available. Samples are available to purchase at a low price of £1.00 each, and you can order as many as you like as a time. Orders consisting of only samples are also free of shipping charges (within the UK; this does not apply to sample orders placed from overseas) and are dispatched 1st Class from our building in the North West of the United Kingdom.

We have had thousands of satisfied customers who regularly purchase from us over and over, and often we receive complimentary emails telling us that we are their favourite Fabric Store to visit both in person and online. If you are happy with your purchase and wish to purchase from us again in the future, then we recommend signing up for our email newsletter, where you are guaranteed to be kept up to date with new stock, offers, sales and discount codes.

If you are having difficulties sourcing just the right fabric for your sewing project, then we highly recommend taking a look at our massive range of fabrics and contacting our always willing sales team if you need any help. Our sales team are available at sales@calicolaine.co.uk or on 0151 336 3939.