Our Craft department stocks a wide selection of craft tools for a variety of projects including card making and jewellery making. We also stock items such as paints, felt squares and glues.


Crafts is a popular, skilled past time which is growing in popularity every year. We stock a variety of excellent value products to ensure that all of your Crafts projects are a resounding success. Embroidery, the handicraft of decorating fabric and other materials with needle and thread, is one of the most popular crafting arts. Our Crafts department has a wide range of embroidery tools which will ensure that you have everything you need for your embroidery projects to be a success. Our high quality aida fabric (also known as java canvas) is sold in a complete roll or by the metre. This even weave fabric is traditionally used in cross-stitch embroidery and has enough natural stiffness that the embroider does not need to use an embroidery hoop. However, if your project calls for a looser weave fabric our Crafts department stock a range of spring or wooden Embroidery hoops which will ensure that your fabric is held taught, enabling you to work well-formed embroidery stitches. Our range of Crafts also includes a variety of items which will ensure that your Crafts projects are neat and organised such as our embroidery thread organiser, embroidery thread winder and our crafter wheeled hold-all trolley for the easy transporting of all of your Craft materials.


Our Crafts department stock a great selection of glues and adhesives which have wide and varied uses, from card making to even laying carpet! One of our top selling adhesives is always gem tac glue which is ideal for those more colourful projects such as customising bags, shoes and clothing. This adhesive is ideal for binding gems, sequins and glitter to a range of materials such as glass, metal, vinyl and leather. Our gutermann textile glue, fabri tac glue and decoupage enamel also prove to be extremely popular with our Crafters.


Jewellery making has proven to be an exciting and fulfilling hobby for Crafters of all ages and we have everything you will need to create that special, unique piece which will make the ideal gift for somebody special, or compliment your latest outfit. Our range of beautiful beads and gutermann sequins are available in every colour you can imagine. Our range of jewellery making tools such as plier sets, tweezer sets, flash cutters and precision screwdriver sets will ensure that you create an incredible, professional piece that will last you a lifetime. We also stock jewellery kit boxes with a selection of beads and a reusable storage box. These kits are ideal for beginner jewellery makers and children.


Handmade cards are always fun to make and mean so much more to the recipient. We stock a range of cards and envelopes in our Crafts section which are ideal to use whether you are making one greeting card for somebody special or hundreds of wedding invitations for your special day. To ensure you achieve the most professional look we have a selection of crafts Scissors, available in a variety of different edges such as pinking edge, colonial edge and bubbles edge. 


For the latest Crafts ideas, have a look at our blog page.


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