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This beautiful sheer material is a perfect Bridal Fabric as it can create a stunning overlay over a satin or taffeta fabric and is especially popular creating a variety of bridal garments.

Chiffon/Voile Fabric

Chiffon Fabric derived from the French word for cloth or rag, Chiffon is a sheer and lightweight Dressmaking Fabric that is a favored choice amongst dressmakers for creating elegant and glamorous garments such as bridal gowns, prom dresses, and evening wear. Our 100% polyester Chiffon Fabric is easily washable on a cool wash.

Chiffon is an extremely popular Sheer Fabric, sought-after by many customers for its ability to lend a floaty and elegant appearance to any gown. Whether used by an amateur or a professional dressmaker, Chiffon remains a crucial addition to any fabric collection. The versatility of Chiffon is demonstrated by its ability to be used for creating feminine blouses, decorative scarves, and beautiful lingerie.

This stunning and sheer material is particularly popular for bridal wear as it creates a stunning overlay over satin or jersey fabrics, making it a perfect Bridal Fabric. Its ability to be layered adds volume and a romantic appeal to any bridal garment. Our Chiffon Fabric guarantees that the wearer feels like the most elegant and refined version of themselves, perfect for any special occasion.

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