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Velboa Skins are very popular in the world of interior design, add a funky modern look to a dark sofa with a warm, cosy throw or prolong the life of your cushions and seats using this durable and cosy fabric as a covering material.

Velboa Skin Fabric

Crafters and dressmakers alike have taken a liking to Velboa Fabric, a faux fur fabric known for its low pile and velvety feel. Animal print patterns, such as antelope, dalmatian, and giraffe, are available in this cuddly fabric, making it perfect for creating costumes with unique detailing, like tails and ears. Velboa is also ideal for baby clothing, including coats and sleeping bags, as it provides warmth and comfort.

Velboa's versatility extends beyond the realm of clothing and into the world of interior design. A throw made from this durable fabric can add a modern touch to a dark sofa, while its softness and durability make it a perfect choice for cushion and seat covers. As bedding, Velboa creates attractive and cozy blankets for both people and pets. And for furry friends in need of a comfortable bed, lining it with Velboa ensures a restful night's sleep. With so many uses, Velboa is the perfect choice for a wide range of crafting and design projects.

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