Curtain Accessories

After purchasing or creating new curtains, the next step is to consider how to hang them. Our latest collection of curtain accessories, including hooks and eyes, curtain poles, and curtain rings, makes hanging your drapes, voiles, or curtains effortless. By incorporating these accessories, you can achieve a sophisticated and stylish finish that enhances your window space.

One of our most sought-after curtain accessories is the draw rod, a discreet curtain pole that comes in a range of lengths. These are perfect for preventing damage or soiling of your curtains when handled. Our centre supports are specifically designed for uPVC windows and come with a self-adhesive pad. Ideal for large-scale projects, such as hotel and residential refurbishments, our plastic centre supports are available in packs of 50.

Our excellent quality curtain rings are also available in an array of colours to complement any colour scheme. Choose from our collection to complete the look of your window treatment with finesse.

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