Jersey Fabrics



Jersey Fabrics are particularly popular in the manufacture of clothing due to its stretch element. Jersey Fabric can stretch up to 25% along the grain making this a perfect choice for comfortable and practical clothing

Jersey Fabrics

Named after Jersey in the Channel Islands, where it was first produced, Jersey Fabric is a highly stretchy material commonly used in clothing manufacturing. Although originally associated with underwear, it gained popularity as a fashion staple when Gabrielle Coco Chanel used it in 1916. This soft and comfortable fabric provides excellent insulation and is often chosen for winter clothing and T-shirts. Due to its exceptional drape properties and ability to stretch up to 25% along the grain, Jersey Fabric is widely used in creating comfortable and practical garments like women's tops and dresses. With a variety of colors available, Jersey Fabric is manufactured in the UK and Japan, making it an excellent choice for numerous dressmaking projects.

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