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Jersey Fabrics

Predominantly used in the manufacture of clothing, Jersey is a very stretchy Dressmaking Fabric named after Jersey in the Channel Islands where the material was first produced. Jersey Fabric became a fashion staple when it was used by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel in 1916 when it was a fabric still strictly associated with underwear. Jersey is a soft, comfortable fabric which gives excellent insulation and is a popular choice for T-Shirts and winter clothing.

Jersey Fabrics are particularly popular in the manufacture of clothing due to its stretch element. Jersey Fabric can stretch up to 25% along the grain making this a perfect choice for comfortable and practical clothing. Owing to its excellent drape properties it is also widely used for making draped garments such as women’s tops and dresses.  Manufactured in the UK and in Japan, Buy Jersey Fabrics in a variety of colours, suitable for a wide range of dressmaking projects.

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