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Felt Fabric is a non-woven cloth that is created by matting, condensing and pressing woollen fibres together. Felt Fabrics are a hardy material that can be used in many ways without losing any of its properties.

Felt & Baize Fabrics

Felt Fabric is a sturdy non-woven cloth produced by compressing woolen fibres together. This versatile material can be utilised in various ways while still maintaining its durability and unique properties. Unlike other fabrics, Felt does not fray or unravel, making it the perfect choice for craft projects. When working with children, Felt is a particularly excellent option as it is simple to cut and work with using glue. Our selection includes both 100% acrylic, ideal for crafts, and a high-quality Felt containing 30% wool.

Another cloth commonly employed on gaming tables is Baize, a sleek material made up of 80% wool and 20% cotton. It is incredibly long-lasting and resistant to pilling, which is beneficial for use on tabletops. Both Felt and Baize can be utilised for lining cabinets or covering notice boards, and our heavy-duty spray adhesive (sold separately) can be used to adhere them securely.

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