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  • Haberdashery for bag making

    In recent years bag making has become an increasingly popular hobby for sewing enthusiasts. As the consequence Haberdashery supplies have increased their ranges to meet demands. The products available these days enable you to make all kinds of bags finished to the highest standard. Prym Products Prym are the largest haberdashery supplier globally so needless to say they have an outstanding selection of bag making products. In recent years their range has grown dramatically and now includes products like bag studs which are easily attached to the base of your ba… Read More
  • Summer trends at Calico Laine

    Its been many years since we have experience such a glorious summer, to say its been over due is an understatement if ever there was one. One of the best things about a lovely hot summer is  finally being able to get some wear out of our summer wardrobes. The summer trends this year have been exciting, fun and easy to replicate too which is always a bonus. Summer Trend - Spandex Jersey The shops are currently full of jump suits, not only is this summer trend classy but jump suits can also be tailored to suit every shape and every occasion. Personally I am a fan … Read More
  • Why Buy Fabric Online with Calico Laine?

    Here at Calico Laine we appreciate the needs of our customers are constantly evolving and we do so with you. Over the past 10 years we have seen a huge growth in the amount of customers buying their Fabric Online. The trend is certainly here to stay and we encourage you to make the most of the benefits that can come from buying fabric online. Here we will outline some of the perks you can find from purchasing your haberdashery and fabric supplies online with us: Sales Online sales are a great way to bag a bargain at any time of the year! Subscribing to our newslet… Read More
  • Range of Dress Fabrics

    Dress fabrics come in all different weights, shapes, grains and sizes. This is partially why I love working in this industry, the choice is never ending and your options are limitless. This time of year it’s wise to choose dress making fabrics which are light weight and breathable in order to keep cool. If you’re lucky enough to be travelling abroad then you want garments made of cotton or other natural fibres. History of Cotton Cotton, silks and linen are the first fabrics which spring to mind when talking about summer weight dress making fabrics. These are i… Read More
  • Taking a look inside Calico Laine

    Here at Calico Laine we're always hearing from our customers that our shop is like an Aladdin's cave and they're right. I like to think that our Liscard Calico Laine store is like our own T.A.R.D.I.S, small on the outside and bigger on the inside. Plenty of people who have shopped with us for years don't even realise that Calico Laine has an upstairs! There is so much to see at Calico Laine that you could spend hours and hours just pottering about in all the different parts of the shop. Our staff know all the ins and outs, nooks and cranny's of our fabulous … Read More
  • Haberdashery online at Calico Laine

    Calico Laine strives to bring you nothing but the best of dressmaking fabrics and when it comes to Haberdashery we are equally as passionate. We strive to provide you, from budding dressmakers to seasoned professionals, with everything you need to create, craft and complete. So whether you need to restock your sewing supplies or add a little flair to give your project that finishing touch, have a look through our huge range of products, including: Dressmakers Scissors: When checking through your dressmaking must haves, a good quality pair of scissors is hard to mi… Read More
  • Top tips when buying fabric online

    Nowadays it seems as though we buy more and more of what we need online. From speaker systems to our weekly shop, we rely on the internet more than ever to provide a new level of convenience that the high street struggles to compete with. Over the years we have seen a growing trend even with our own customers to shopping for haberdashery and Fabric Online. Our online business is one of the fastest growing parts of Calico Laine and only continues to increase in popularity. Although we all enjoy the new found freedom of shopping for fabric online at any and all hour… Read More
  • Dress Fabrics at Calico Laine

    Calico Laine specialises in Dress Fabrics and we find it extremely satisfying to offer such an exciting and fashionable assortment of fabrics that will fulfil your every wish! Every week we have AT LEAST one new material come in and so our range grows constantly adding to our already ginormous stock.   Our stunningly beautiful and ever expanding Dress Fabrics collection includes our gorgeous jardin summer prints, a fine selection of different chiffon fabrics and crepe fabrics just to name a few. If you are interested in taking a look at our impressive selection o… Read More
  • Haberdashery at Calico Laine

    Here at Calico Laine we stock an excellent selection of Haberdashery for all your sewing needs. Whether you’re a professional or beginner we have it covered. I love to sew, I’m certainly no expert, I primarily make clothes for my children but there a few essentials I couldn’t live without. For those of you who sew regularly then you’ll have heard of Prym, this company is the international market leader in producing haberdashery. All their products are excellent quality and I’d always recommend their goods. Buying the correct pins It might seem trivial bu… Read More
  • How to fill a sewing box

    I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but I have sat down to sew so many times and realised too late that I am missing something crucial in my sewing box for that project. I then thought it would be a good idea to have a checklist in my sewing box so i know when I have ran out of something I can buy haberdashery before I actually need it. This is my top 10 checklist; 1. Scissors (large) My personal favourite are the 25cm Fiskars Dressmaking Scissors. They are so sharp and accurate, it's why they are our chosen scissors here at Calico Laine headquarters… Read More

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