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  • Patchwork Projects with Calico Laine

    Patchwork quilting is something so dear to our hearts here at Calico Laine. We pride ourselves on providing everything you need to create your own patchwork project. From bags to quilts and everything in between, the art of patchwork really can be for everyone. We aim to offer everything you need for your patchwork project, meaning you can simply start to sew! Printed Craft Cotton We are always updating our stunning range of printed craft cottons, keeping you up to date with the latest craft and fashion trends. Here at Calico Laine, we love anything cute and quirk… Read More
  • Summer Bridal Fabrics with Calico Laine

    Everyone loves a Summer Wedding, and here at Calico Laine we are no exception. Summer weddings bring lighter Bridal Fabrics and brighter shades. Here at Calico Laine, we have a wide selection of fabrics to help create your perfect day. Simple and Classic If your design is more along the understated lines, our range of Stretch Duchess Satin would be perfect for a classic form-fitting gown. Pair this with a classic floor-length veil and you are good to go for your big day. Our range of Veiling Fabrics can be used to create a range of dramatic designs. Bridesmaids Wh… Read More
  • Great British Sewing Bee - The Final

    We have reached the finish line of the Great British Sewing Bee, and what a journey it has been. We have seen some beautiful sewing coming from 10 talented contestants this year and I, for one, have loved every minute of it. For the final time this season, let's take a look at the "occasion Wear' themed episode. Waistcoat Pattern Challenge - Great British Sewing Bee First of all, the sewers were asked to create a tailored mans waistcoat complete with sham welt pockets to complete the final pattern challenge. 'Sham' pockets are just creating the illusion of a pock… Read More
  • Dancewear Fabrics at Calico Laine

    Dancewear fabrics have been a part of Calico Laine for many years. We offer everything from stunning lycras to sequinned numbers for the back row. We have everything you need to create professional finished dance costumes for any level. Lycra Lycra Fabric is the best go-to fabric for any kind of sport or dance wear. The 4-way stretch in lycra means it stretches in all directions and allows your costumes to become like a second skin. This makes it easy to move in and comfortable to wear. Lycra is a great leotard and legging fabric, meaning you have a lovely base g… Read More
  • Choosing Satin Fabrics

    Satin Fabric is one of the most common fabrics there is, I think everyone has heard the word. However, there are so many different types it can be hard to know which is right for your project. Here at Calico Laine, we offer a wide variety of satin fabrics to suit every project and budget. Satin is a luxurious polyester fabric with a glossy surface and dull backing, making it perfect for stunning dressmaking projects. Often used as a more cost-effective version of pure silk, it is popular for bridal and occasion wear. Economy Satin Fabrics This pretty much does wha… Read More
  • New Spring Fabrics at Calico Laine

    Here at Calico Laine, we are always updating our range of stunning Fabrics to bring you the latest trends. Spring is definitely in the air and we are loving that little bit of sunshine. Our brand new Spring Fabrics have got us all inspired for our next projects. Craft Cotton Fabrics We are particularly proud of our Craft Cotton Fabrics range, offering a rainbow of plains and a huge range of printed designs. Craft cotton is a 100% high quality cotton fabric, making it a wonderfully versatile fabric for both crafts and dressmaking. Our beautiful spring prints includ… Read More
  • GBSB #6 - British and Irish Week

    The competition is heating up as we get closer to the Sewing Bee semi-final. This weeks episode celebrates the best of British and Irish textiles, educating us on the rich history of our country's relationship with fabric. Each challenge was a real step up for the contestants, whilst still bringing us stunning fabrics and innovative design. All the contestants have improved in their own way along the series, and this episode really showed that off. Linen Jacket - Sewing Bee This weeks episode kicked off with the sewing bee's very own Patrick Grant's jacket pattern… Read More
  • Knitting Wool for the Spring with Calico Laine

    Spring is such a lovely time of year. The sun is beginning to come out and the days are getting a bit brighter. You may think this means your knitting projects get put away for the Winter, but there are plenty of knits you can create for the Spring months. Here at Calico Laine, we have plenty of Knitting Wool for lighter projects. Baby Knitting Wool A brilliant project to knit up through the warmer months are baby garments. Why not try our Wondersoft DK Prints Win a gorgeous pastel mix? These knit up easily to create beautiful print designs and colours. DK (or Do… Read More
  • Great British Sewing Bee #5 - Recycling Week

    We're going green this week with the Great British Sewing Bee! Using the theme of reduce, reuse, recycle; the contestants were asked to use re-purposed garments and fabrics for this weeks challenges. Reducing our waste when sewing is an important part of what we do. So much fabric ends up in landfills every year and we can all do our part to reduce our footprint on the Earth. Some great ways to help reduce waste is to donate scraps to schools and youth groups for craft projects..even the tiniest pieces can make something spectacular. Repair garments instead of buy… Read More
  • Your Haberdashery Kit with Calico Laine

    Haberdashery can be a bit of an umbrella word. It can cover everything from your most basic sewing essentials through to specialist items. But how do you wade through all the exciting sparkly pieces to get to what you really need? Our team at Calico Laine is on hand to help you create your perfect haberdashery kit. This is great if you are just starting out, or if you just want to organise and elevate your equipment. The Basics So what are the basics? This is your go-to kit which comes on every sewing venture you take and everyone's is slightly different. You will… Read More

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