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We stock a wide variety of Bra Accessories to ensure that your underwear garments last as long as possible and fit wonderfully to perfectly complement your dressmaking projects. Fabric shrinkage and weight gain, particularly weight gain due to pregnancy can make for an uncomfortable fitting bra. Bra Extenders are the perfect solution for modifying your favourite bra and ensuring you the most comfortable fit throughout the day. Our Bra Extenders come in a range of widths starting from 19mm and up to 75mm. Available in variations of either two or three clips so you can be sure to find the perfect match to extend the life of your existing articles rather than having to spend more money than necessary replacing your bras. Our Bra Extenders are available predominantly in traditional underwear colours such as white, beige and black. For additional comfort, our bra strap pads are perfect for reducing stress on your shoulders caused by bra straps digging into your flesh and causing unsightly and painful welts. Our Bra strap pads slip discreetly underneath your bra straps, invisible under clothing these washable and re-useable bra strap pads will ensure the utmost of comfort with any of your bras a must have Haberdashery item.

Bra Straps are not only for practical purposes but are sometimes used as fashion accessories. Our range of Bra Accessories can be used in dressmaking for visual purposes and to improve the appearance of garments. Bust forms are one of the first items that can be considered when creating heavier dresses to improve the look and fit of the article. Double sided body tape is another great item that can even be carried around in your handbag for any emergencies! This handy item is used to keep fabric close to the skin to prevent dipping of garments and other common wardrobe malfunctions!

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  1. Clear Soft Bra Straps
  2. Bust Forms
    As low as £4.59
  3. Low Back Bra Strap Adjuster
  4. Double Sided Body Tape
  5. Dress Shields
    As low as £2.29
  6. Modesty Pads Nipple Covers
    As low as £2.59
  7. Bra Strap Comfort Pads
  8. 10mm 2 Row Diamante Bra Accessories (G921)
    As low as £2.49
  9. 12mm Metal Bikini Clasps
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Items 1-12 of 25

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