Boning and Waistbands

Boning and Waistbands are used by dressmakers to give their designs lift and shape. We stock a wide range of Boning and Waistband materials within our Haberdashery section, available in various sizes to suit every project. Plastic covered steel boning is used to stiffen the ribs in garments such as corsets, often used to stiffen the hoops in crinoline petticoats and to create volume and beautiful shape in wedding gowns.

Our easy to sew curved petersham is one of the most popular products in our Boning and Waistbands range, specifically created for low waistline trousers and skirts. Any type of petersham can be used to create waistbands; this versatile product can even be used for other accessories such as hatbands. Our range of polyester Boning is popular within corsetry and is often used to create the rigid shape and structure of corsets. Polyester Boning is an easy material to work with as it cuts and attaches well to all kinds of fabrics as well as being durable, this is the perfect Boning for achieving a high quality finish to your garments. All of our Boning and Waistband materials are available in various sizes and can be purchased by the metre or by the roll.

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  1. 13mm Cotton Covered Boning
    As low as £1.40
  2. Plastic Covered Steel Boning
    As low as £1.59
  3. 25mm Curved Petersham
    As low as £0.99
  4. Washable Petersham (complete roll)
    As low as £9.95
  5. Washable Petersham
    As low as £0.79
  6. Waistband Extender Hook & Bar (NTH)
    As low as £2.49
  7. Waistband Extender Button (NTB)
    As low as £2.49
  8. Rigilene Boning
    As low as £0.59
  9. Slotted Waistbanding (SWBH)
    As low as £0.80
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11 Items

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