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Net Curtains are the ideal way of allowing light into your living space whilst maintaining a degree of privacy. Net Curtains are also widely used as a fashion accessory and are a lovely way of finishing off your window design and bringing a touch of style and elegance to your decor. We have been selling Net Curtains for many years and stock a range of fantastic designs which we are always expanding. Net Curtains are an extremely popular item of home decor and are useful in almost every room inside of the home.


Net Curtains are particularly popular for us in bathrooms as this is the room in the home in which you require the most privacy. Net Curtains are an excellent alternative to blinds as they are ideal for enhancing the fresh and bright appearance of a room that can sometimes start to look a little tired following the use of styling products and hot water. During the winter months the bathroom can be particularly draughty which does not make always for a pleasant start to your mornings. Net Curtains are great at keeping out the draughts and icy winds resulting in a much more comfortable wake up call. Net Curtains can also bring a touch of femininity to a room making them a great choice for kitchens. Net Curtains are ideal for country themed kitchens and are a great way of maintaining privacy whilst you potter around without compromising the flow of natural light or reducing the view of your garden.


Not only useful for windows, Net Curtains are also great for interior design projects and can be used as a quick and easy way of sprucing up many of the rooms in your home. Our lovely designs of Net Curtains are ideal for use in spaces such as a cloakroom or laundry room as a low cost alternative to cupboard doors to disguise storage spaces or your washing machine. Our patterned range of Net Curtains such as the buxton and dallas designs are ideal for placing over a window panel in your front or back doors for an added element of privacy.


Typically, there is no such thing as a standard window size which is why all of our Net Curtains are available in a wide variety of widths and drops.


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  1. Butterfly Net Curtains
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  3. Floral Net Curtains
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  4. Rio Net Curtains
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  5. Squares Net Curtains
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  6. Damask Net Curtains
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  7. Sacramento Net Curtains
    As low as £2.69
  8. Brooklyn Net Curtains
    As low as £2.49
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