Corduroy Fabrics



Corduroy is considered to be on the most durable fabrics available and is ideal for creating a range of garments including jackets, skirts and trousers.

Corduroy Fabrics

Renowned for its durability, Corduroy Fabrics are highly coveted for their ability to produce a range of garments, from jackets to skirts and trousers. Once reserved for royalty, Corduroy Fabric is a beautiful, luxurious material that has been imported from Germany to offer our customers the highest quality selection available on the market today. Our Corduroy Fabric range features 8 and 14 wale fabrics that are exceptionally soft to the touch, ensuring a comfortable fit that will remain in style for years to come. This fabric is also low-maintenance and resistant to creasing, making it an excellent choice for dressmaking projects. Whether you prefer a classic hue or a bold pop of colour, our selection of Corduroy Fabric by the meter offers a variety of beautiful choices to suit your needs.

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