Cushion Zips

Revolutionise your cushion game with Cushion Zips!

Say goodbye to struggling with cushion covers and hello to convenience with our easy-to-use Cushion Zips. Available in bulk packs of 100, they provide great value for your money. Perfect for all cushion sizes from 12 inches to 22 inches.

With our Cushion Zips, you can easily switch up your cushions without any hassle. No more spending hours trying to zip up covers with poor quality zips. Trust us, once you use our zips, you won't be able to go back.

Upgrade your cushion covers today with Cushion Zips!

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  1. Cushion Zips 22 Inch / 56cm
    As low as £0.75
  2. Cushion Zips 20 Inch / 51cm
    As low as £0.69
  3. Cushion Zips 18 Inch / 46cm
    As low as £0.62
  4. Cushion Zips 16 Inch / 41cm
    As low as £0.56
  5. Cushion Zips 14 Inch / 36cm
    As low as £0.49
  6. Cushion Zips 12 Inch / 31cm
    As low as £0.45
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6 Items

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