Lace and Trim

Our Haberdashery section is home to a stunning selection of Lace and Trim products, perfect for putting the final touches on your handmade projects. Dressmakers seeking a flawless finish should consider Anglaise trim, a popular item especially effective on vintage-inspired designs. Lace Trim, on the other hand, is a great accessory for christening gowns and lining moses baskets.

For those seeking elegance and beauty, Lace is a must-have fabric, making Lace Trim an excellent addition to lingerie and nightwear items or for creating straps on tops and dresses for a feminine look. You'll love our black daisy and black guipure Lace Trim designs, perfect not only for clothing but also for enhancing your home furnishings like cushions and bed linen. Our collection of Lace and Trims is available in a variety of colours and designs, including velvet trim and coin trimming, among others.

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