Interfacing is often used to provide strength and stability to garment edges and hems giving your garments a professional finish. Interfacing can also be attached to buttonholes and necklines to prevent stretching and can be used on collars, cuffs and pockets.  Vilene and other Interfacing products are popular with dressmakers as they extend the life of your garments and are suitable for washing and dry cleaning.

Our range of Vilene Products includes products such as bondahem fusible tape and bondaweb iron on which are both ideal for hemming of trousers and skirts; these Vilene Products can also be used for curtains. Fuse a web bondaweb is an easy and clean way to affix fabric in appliqué and craft work, used in the same way as hemming web, as it is 18 inches wide this product is suitable for bonding of larger items. We also stock a range of Vilene standard sew-in products available in a variety of weights suitable for a range of fabrics of varying weights, all of which are washable. Buy Interfacing for many of your Haberdashery projects including dressmaking, crafts, soft furnishings, fabric painting, collages and many more.

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