Net Curtains



Net Curtains are ideal for maintaining privacy and reducing unwanted glare in your living space. We stock a wide range of Net Curtains, many of which are available to purchase in bulk or by the metre.

Net Curtains

One of the most popular ways to dress the windows of your home is by using Net Curtains. We stock a range of Net Curtains to help you achieve the most from your interior design. There are number of reasons you may choose to use a Window Net. Net Curtains are widely used in living rooms which face directly onto the street or may be overlooked by a neighbour as they allow you to maintain an element of privacy whilst retaining natural light flow into your living space. Net Curtains are also a perfect way to reduce glare from imposing street lights. 


We stock a wide range of stunning designs of Net Curtains including the extremely popular plain design - this 100% polyester curtain which is guaranteed to bring a touch of elegance to any room. Our floral Net Curtains are particularly popular for living rooms and bedrooms due to the intricate and striking design. This heavily embroidered design of Net Curtain is available in white and will compliment any colour scheme in your home. If you are looking to purchase a Net Curtain for functionality as well as design, the butterfly Net Curtain is a beautifully simple and elegant design which effortlessly blends with any design theme and is suitable for use in any room of your home. Our extremely popular dallas and havana designs encompass the elegant simplicity of the albany design with added subtle detailing.


We stock a wide range of Net Curtain rods which are ideal for hanging not only Net Curtains but also voile panels or for creating a draping effect. Our Net Curtain rods are available in a variety of sizes 40cm up to 250cm so you can ensure the perfect fit for your window.


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**Please note - Next Day Delivery is a two-day service on Net Curtains**


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