Brushed Cotton Fabrics



Brushed Cotton Fabric is chosen for it's absorbent quality and is a popular collection for creating stunning clothing items for all the family.

Brushed Cotton Fabric

Indulge in our extra soft and warm Brushed Cotton Fabric collection, featuring a plethora of breathable and cozy fabrics perfect for crafting snug winter garments. Chosen for its superior absorbent quality, Brushed Cotton Fabric is a favorite amongst all members of the family for its ability to create stunning clothing pieces. Our Brushed Cottons, composed mainly of 100% cotton, are of superior quality compared to our regular cotton fabrics.

In addition, our Flannelette Fabric collection offers a cotton and wool blend that is considered to be one of the most comfortable Dressmaking Fabrics on the market. For little ones, our flannelette collection is a fantastic choice for crafting warm and snug garments that feature charming prints. As the temperature drops, you can stay warm and cozy in our brushed Cotton Print Fabrics, ideal for making durable shirts and pyjamas.

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