Safety Pins

Safety Pins are a mechanism widely used for the fastening together of fabrics and are commonly used for fastening nappies as the safety clasp design prevents any injury to the child. Not only a practical item, Safety Pins are often used as a fashionable accessory and can be added to a variety of clothing items, jewellery and accessories and were widely incorporated into the wardrobes of fashionable youngsters during the 1970's punk era. We stock a wide range of Safety Pins including silver and brass Safety Pins which are useful items to be kept around the home for general use, first aid and sewing and Haberdashery projects.

Kilt pins are decorative Safety Pins which are pinned to the lower apron of the traditional Scottish kilt. We stock a range of kilt pins in varying sizes which are perfect for preventing your kilt from blowing open and can also be used on a variety of other clothing items.

Prym nappy pins are Safety Pins specifically designed for use on traditional nappies. Available in packs of four, prym nappy pins have a locking cap and the stainless steel shank is guaranteed corrosion-resistant.

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