Safety Pins

Looking for a versatile and practical item to keep around the house? Look no further than Safety Pins!

Whether you need to fasten fabrics together, secure a nappy without risking injury to your child, or add a fashionable touch to your clothing or accessories, Safety Pins are the answer. And with a wide range of options, including silver and brass varieties, as well as decorative kilt pins and specifically designed prym nappy pins, there's a Safety Pin for every occasion.

Don't settle for subpar fastening options that may not hold up over time. Choose the reliable and versatile option with Safety Pins. Plus, with their potential to add some extra flair to your outfits, you'll never go out of style with this timeless accessory.

Head to our shop today to browse our selection of Safety Pins and find the perfect fit for all of your needs!

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  1. Brass Safety Pin Tub (SPBBT)
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  2. Sunkids Safety Pins (NPC)
  3. Prym Nappy Pins (086103)
  4. Kilt Pins
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  5. Prym Brass Safety Pins (071137)
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