Velcro is an extremely useful and versatile tool and is found on a myriad of items including doll clothing, pet clothing, baby bibs, bags, hospital gowns and many more.


Say goodbye to tedious and frustrating fasteners - Velcro is here to save the day!

Tying shoelaces or fastening buttons may seem like simple tasks, but for children and those with dexterity problems, they can be a real struggle. Enter Velcro - a safe, easy-to-use and versatile fastener that can be applied to just about any application. From clothing to pet accessories, hospital gowns to artwork - the possibilities are endless.

With our range of heavy duty stick-on coins, you'll never have to fumble with nails, screws or hooks again. Each coin can hold up to 4kg of weight and is weather resistant, making it the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Make your life easier today by trying out Velcro. Trust us, once you've experienced the convenience and simplicity of this amazing product, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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