Lining Fabrics



Dressmakers will use several layers of hidden Fabric known as Lining. Lining helps the Dressmaker to achieve a neat, high quality finish whilst concealing interfacing, padding and seam edges.

Lining Fabrics

In the process of garment creation, Dressmakers incorporate multiple layers of concealed Fabric known as Lining. Lining Fabrics not only offer a tidy, refined finish but also serve to hide interfacing, padding, and seam edges. With the added benefit of insulation, Dress Linings contribute to prolonging the life of your apparel whilst providing warmth during colder seasons. Constructed from durable and lightweight 100% Polyester, our Dress Lining Fabrics are optimal for lining a diverse range of attire including suits, skirts, dresses, jackets, and bridal gowns. We pride ourselves on the high caliber of our Dress Lining which is commonly utilized by prominent high street manufacturers. As we understand the significance of matching Dress Lining to Dressmaking Fabric, our vast selection of Dress Linings are available in a multitude of hues. Our sales team is readily available to offer guidance in matching your Dress Lining to your Fabric should you require it.

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