Lining Fabrics

When making up a garment, Dressmakers will use several layers of hidden Fabric known as Lining. Lining helps the Dressmaker to achieve a neat, high quality finish whilst concealing interfacing, padding and seam edges. Lining is valuable in helping to extend the life of your garment and of course extra layers will help in keeping the wearer warm during colder weather. Dress Linings are a durable and lightweight piece of Fabric that will be sure to achieve the highest quality finish and best possible level of comfort for the wearer.

All of our Dress Lining Fabrics are made from 100% Polyester, Anti Static material and are ideal for lining suits, skirts, dresses, jackets and bridal gowns. This material is smooth and easy to work with, in fact our top quality Dress Lining is used by many high street manufacturers. It is of course, very important to ensure that your Dress Lining is the perfect match for your Dressmaking Fabric which is why we stock all of our Dress Linings in a wide variety of colours. If you need any assistance in matching your Dress Lining to your Fabric please do not hesitate to call our friendly sales team who will be happy to help.

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