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Jacquard Lining Fabric

Invented in 1801, the Jacquard loom was the first loom able to weave complex patterns and was named so after its French inventor Joseph Marie Jacquard. Rather than the pattern being printed or dyed onto the fabric, patterns on Jacquard Lining Fabric are incorporated into the weave. Complex and intricate patterns can be created using this method.

Selecting lining for your tailored garments is as important as the Fabric itself as the lining is the finishing touch which will prevent the garment from unnecessary wear. Our range of stunning Jacquard Linings are perfect for lining jackets, waistcoats, dresses, skirts and coats these Jacquard Lining Fabrics will give your beautifully tailored clothing that extra designer touch.

Widely acclaimed for their superior quality, durability and contemporary designs our range of Jacquard Linings is of excellent quality and affordable prices. In various attractive two tone colour combinations and modern, elegant patterns our premium quality Jacquard Linings are 144cm wide and machine washable.

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