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Muslin Fabrics

Egyptian Cotton Muslin is a light cotton fabric that is typically woven, often in white or lighter colours and is very durable. Egyptian Cotton Muslin Fabfrics are considered to be one of the strongest and also softest cotton fabrics available today. Egyptian Cotton Muslin is softer and has a higher thread count than plain Cotton Muslin making this a stronger and more durable fabric, this is an ancient, woven fabric and is considered one of the purest and simplest of all fabrics. Ancient Egyptians used Muslin Cotton to swaddle their newborns whilst the Ancient Greeks and Romans used it to create beautiful robes. Later, it was used by the French to create elaborate petticoats.

Our range of Egyptian Cotton Muslin is a light 100% cotton fabric that is loosely woven and is higher quality than a loomstate Muslin Fabric. It has been treated to create a strong white colour and is also available in ivory. Typically used for window dressing and household projects such as jam making it is a versatile fabric. Egyptian Cotton Muslin can also be used for drapes in marquees for weddings or parties to create a desirable look at low cost.

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