Double Knit Jersey Fabric

Our Double Knit Jersey Fabrics have gained immense popularity among our customers. The Ponty Roma, our flagship product, has been a warm and hard-wearing double jersey fabric for over 50 years. With a heavier weight than cotton jersey fabrics, this winter-weight dressmaking fabric is perfect for crafting cozy winter garments such as jumpers and winter-weight dresses. Double Knit Jersey sets itself apart from single jersey by having both sides the same, thereby eliminating the need for a right and wrong side, unlike its counterpart.

Crafting winter dresses with Double Knit Jersey fabric ensures that the wearer stays warm without feeling restricted. The fabric's versatility allows for making smart dresses for office wear or warmer evening dresses. We offer a broad range of colours, so you're sure to find one that suits your style. Not only is this fabric ideal for dressmaking projects, but it's also perfect for creating fashionable winter accessories such as scarves, wraps, and shrugs that complement your wardrobe.

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