Satin Back Dupion Fabrics

Satin Back Dupion Fabric is a beloved option for bridal gowns. It boasts a reversible plain weave with a subtle irregularity on both sides. One side has a matte finish that mimics authentic silk, while the reverse has a beautiful sheen resembling satin. Our Satin Back Dupion Fabric is crafted in Japan and offers the ability to create two different finishes. The satin side catches the light, shimmering and shining. If you prefer a matte look, the Dupion side gives the illusion of pure silk.

What sets this fabric apart is that, unlike silk, it's made of 100% polyester and can be washed in a machine. Not only is it stunning for dressmaking, but it's also practical for everyday wear and can be washed multiple times without losing its beauty. It's an ideal fabric for those seeking both elegance and convenience.

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