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To prevent costly repairs due to machine malfunctions, it is crucial to regularly maintain your sewing machine. Proper upkeep includes routine cleaning and oiling to prevent rust and ensure smooth operation. Our selection of Sewing Machine Tools and Maintenance Products can assist in keeping your machine in optimal condition.

Our inventory boasts a range of essential Sewing Machine Maintenance Products, including the Janome general purpose lubricating oil, designed for safe use on all metal parts to prevent rust and corrosion. Additionally, we carry a variety of Replacement Sewing Machine Parts from esteemed manufacturer, Prym, such as zipper feet and sewing machine motor belts. For smaller maintenance tasks, the Prym Machine Maintenance set offers 1 brush and 2 screwdrivers to help keep your sewing machine functioning properly.

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    Prym Special Zipper Foot (611974)
    Regular Price £5.79 Special Price £3.49
  2. -20%
    Prym Magnetic Seam Guide (611976)
    Regular Price £4.99 Special Price £3.99
  3. Prym Machine Oil (611998)
  4. Hemline Stretch Belt (150)
  5. Hemline Bobbin Case (159)
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