Machine Bobbins

A Machine Bobbin is a spindle or cylinder which is found on your sewing machine and provides the thread for the underside of the stitches a sewing machine forms. For ease of use it is advisable to keep to hand a number of Machine Bobbins compatible with your sewing machine so you do not have to unwind your Bobbin each time you are required to change the colour of your thread. It is important to remember that all sewing machines have different Bobbin requirements which is why we stock a wide selection of plastic and metal Machine Bobbins in a variety of sizes.

As any dressmaker will know it is important to ensure that all of your tools and threads are organised before undertaking a new project. Our see-through Bobbin organiser is the perfect storage solution and neatly organises any size of Sewing Machine Bobbin, enabling you to thread 18 colours at a time, ensuring that all of your Haberdashery projects run smoothly.

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  1. -38%
    Hemline Prewound Bobbin Spools (121)
    Regular Price £3.99 Special Price £2.49
  2. -37%
    Hemline Singer Auto Wind Bobbin Spools (120.15)
    Regular Price £4.75 Special Price £2.99
  3. -40%
    Hemline Bobbin Husqvarna/Viking (120.21)
    Regular Price £2.49 Special Price £1.49
  4. -36%
    Hemline Bobbin Elna (120.08)
    Regular Price £5.49 Special Price £3.49
  5. -28%
    Hemline Bobbin Husqvarna/Viking/Concaved (120.20)
    Regular Price £2.49 Special Price £1.79
  6. -38%
    Hemline Bobbin Pfaff (120.17)
    Regular Price £3.99 Special Price £2.49
  7. -35%
    Hemline Bobbin Bernina (120.12)
    Regular Price £4.59 Special Price £2.99
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Items 1-12 of 21

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