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Within our Blind Accessories section you will come across various Blind Tapes, Rings, Cords and Cleats. A Brief description of each Blind Accessory is given below.

Roman Blind Cord is a relatively thin yet durable and Strong Cord which is used for operating Roman Blinds. It is 100% polyester and 1.2mm wide with a smooth finish. This makes an ideal Roman Blind Cord as it will undoubtedly see a lot of movement.


Diana Roman Blind Tape is 16mm wide transparent tape which has small plastic rings attached every 15cm. Diana Blind Tape is used for creating soft pleats on a classic Roman Blind. Roman Blind Tape is used when making Roman Blinds. Once attached the Blind Tape creates a channel for your doweling, ensuring the neat fold characteristic of a Roman Blind.


Lotus Roman Blind Tape is very similar but is branded and is slightly higher quality.


Austrian Blind Tape is a transparent tape that is 25mm wide with 2 cords running parallel, it is used for creating traditional swags on a Austrian Blind. This look is achieved by sewing strips of this tape vertically down your Blind and then pulling the Cords to the desired length creating a swag.


Blind Cleats are available in a variety of colours and are used for keeping your blind cords securely in place. Once attached to your wall, simply wrap your lose cord end around the cleat in a figure of 8 to prevent movement.


Blind Ring Hooks works in conjunction with the regular 1" Heading Tape. These Ring Hooks enable you to attach the heading tape on your Roman or Austrian Blind to a Curtain Rail.


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  1. Chrome Curtain Cleat (1012)
  2. Brass Curtain Cleat (1010)
  3. White Curtain Cleat (1012)
  4. Lotus Roman Blind Tape
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  5. 2mm Blind Lift Cord White (BC20)
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