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Bag Making at Calico Laine

Today at Calico Laine we're pleased to unveil our new Bag Making section, which you can find underneath our Crafts tab on our website. In this part of the website, you'll find everything you need for making your very own bag from scratch, and in today's blog we'll be talking about some of the items you can purchase and use for bag making.

Bag Handles - Although it might be an obvious item, we stock bag handles in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours. From plastic and metal to wood and wood effect, we have a lot of different looks and there's bound to be one or more available for purchase to suit your own design.

Bag Canvas - A new arrival at Calico Laine, bag making canvas fabric is made from 100% cotton and comes in 13 beautiful colours. This fabric is 150cm and will last and wear really well.

Fasteners - Most bags contain at least one fastener of some sort; be it press studs, zips, buckles or hooks and eyes, we stock a multitude of different types of fasteners in different sizes and colours. Some of our packs also come with a tool made especially for installing these items with greater ease.

Straps - If you're making a bag that needs hard-wearing straps , such as a satchel or a rucksack, we recommend using our webbing and plastic shoulder straps for a long-lasting effect. Our webbing is available in several different types including cotton and acrylic, and our plastic shoulder straps are designed with the wearer's comfort in mind.

Fabric Paint/Pens - If you're planning to get really creative with your bag design, then take a glance at our Dylon fabric paint and fabric pens. These are perfect for creating your very own unique look, and they are available in several different colours, with all kinds of bright and dark shades available.

Have you made your own bag with any of our items before? Take a photograph and upload it to our Facebook page - we love to see what our customers come up with,

Until next time and thanks for reading,

Calico Laine