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  • New In Knitting Wool at Calico Laine

    We are going knitting mad here at Calico Laine. Our favourite British Knitting Wool brand, Stylecraft, has launched some beautiful new lines and we just couldn't resist. With everything from luxury yarns, to new twists on old favourites, we are very proud of our yarn range and accessories. Knitting and crochet is an integral part of our Calico Laine community. Meaning, we are always excited to bring new products to our customers. Starlight Knitting Wool This beautiful Aran weight wool has a subtle sparkle when knitted up to give your projects an extra special fini… Read More
  • The Many Uses of Stylecraft Knitting Wool

    Knitting is an extremely popular hobby for all ages. You can create almost anything with Knitting Wool. Items such as clothing, accessories and interior items can all be made by knitting. Different wool's are particularly effective for different items you are creating. Here at calico laine we stock a variety of Stylecraft Knitting Wool in many colours and designs. Aran Knitting Wool Aran Wool is named after the piece of clothing - the aran jumper. It is a medium weight yarn that is ideal for creating clothing pieces such as jumpers and cardigans. As well as these … Read More
  • Our new Stylecraft knitting wool range

    We’ve wanted to introduce knitting wool to our range of products for a while, so when we recently added Stylecraft knitting wool to our website we couldn’t wait to let you all know about it! Perfect knitting wool for beginner’s knitting Stylecraft is the perfect knitting wool for anyone who is looking to start knitting, as their cosy blend of 51% wool and 49% acrylic is both fashionable and practical for beginners. As a hobby, knitting has increased in popularity over the years, so we decided that it was important to include it for all of our budding knitte… Read More
  • How to make Pom Poms using Wool

    Brr! It certainly is chilly now that December has hit us at Calico Laine! If you are looking for a fun project to do whilst remaining in the warmth and comfort of your own home, we suggest you wander over to our YouTube channel and take a look at How To create your own pom poms using balls of wool. This is a fun little project to do with children, and they can be used on items such as winter hats, coats and other garments, as well as for cute and unique Christmas decorations such as unusual baubles to display on your Christmas tree! To go straight to the video, cl… Read More
  • Knitting Wool - pom pom making

    Knitting Wool can be used for a large variety of projects not just knitting up garments and other items as a lot of people think. In fact wool is often used for crocheting, crafts and making pom poms which is what I use my Knitting Wool for. When creating pom poms the first thing you need to is decide on the size you would like to make it. As I make pom poms for knitted hats and they have a certain deign mine are always the same size which is quite large. As there are not many pom pom makers available that are a larger size I cut my maker out of thick cardboard. Y… Read More
  • Knitting Wool for Autumn Fashion

    With the clocks due to change this coming weekend and the nights drawing in, autumn is well and truly in it's way. With the change of season comes a change in your wardrobe and knitted garments are the ideal choice for your autumn-winter wardrobe. We carry a wide range of Knitting Wool suitable for creating a variety of comfortable knitted items, ideal for keeping you cosy and warm as the temperatures drop. Our Knitting Wool is ideal for creating fashionable autumn items such as the jumper dress. Our selection of excellent quality Knitting Wool includes the most … Read More
  • Knitting Wool

    When starting a new project deciding on which Knitting Wool to use can be a perplexing task, especially when new to knitting. There are lots of factors to take into account such as the wool specified on a pattern you may be using, who you are knitting for and any potential allergies that they may have. Knitting for babies is a common cause for starting a new project and this is where attention to which Knitting Wool you choose is most important. You have to avoid 100% wool as it can be too hot and scratchy for babies. In addition to this it is common for new borns… Read More
  • Knitted Baby Garments

    Now the cold is coming many people are getting their knitting needles out to make new garments to keep them warm and cosy. This is the case especially for making baby garments as children need to feel the warmth more than anyone. Knitted baby garments are not just great for keeping warm but also to look nice as they are so popular and trendy when it comes to children's wear. Here at Calico Laine we sell a variety of Knitted Wool especially for children's garments which are extra soft and feel more luxurious on babies skin. When it comes to baby Knitting Yarn most … Read More
  • Knitting Wool - Autumn Style

    With the days getting shorter, the weather taking a turn for the cold and wet and the leaves on the trees changing colour it can only mean that autumn is drawing in. With the change of season comes a change in fashion and this year wool is all in so why not purchase Knitting Wool  and get to work mimicking the style of the season with your own touch. Autumn has arrived The bigger the knit the better, seems to be the motto of all the top fashion designers. Long chunky knit cardigans and jumpers reaching the knees means there will be a lot of knitting to be done.… Read More
  • Knitting Accessories

    As well as selling Knitting Wool we also stock a range of Knitting Accessories that are very useful items when it comes to knitting. Knitting Accessories allow you to achieve the most beautiful knitted projects and provide you with everything you need to make sure your projects are successful. Cable Knitting Needles When it comes to knitting whether you a beginner or have knitted for years there are still a variety of Knitting Accessories that you can learn from. A variety of knitting accessories we stock include Row Counters, Stitch Markers, Pom Pom Makers, Bobb… Read More

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