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Great British Sewing Bee

  • Great British Sewing Bee - The Final

    We have reached the finish line of the Great British Sewing Bee, and what a journey it has been. We have seen some beautiful sewing coming from 10 talented contestants this year and I, for one, have loved every minute of it. For the final time this season, let's take a look at the "occasion Wear' themed episode. Waistcoat Pattern Challenge -¬†Great British Sewing Bee First of all, the sewers were asked to create a tailored mans waistcoat complete with sham welt pockets to complete the final pattern challenge. 'Sham' pockets are just creating the illusion of a pock… Read More
  • GBSB #6 - British and Irish Week

    The competition is heating up as we get closer to the Sewing Bee semi-final. This weeks episode celebrates the best of British and Irish textiles, educating us on the rich history of our country's relationship with fabric. Each challenge was a real step up for the contestants, whilst still bringing us stunning fabrics and innovative design. All the contestants have improved in their own way along the series, and this episode really showed that off. Linen Jacket - Sewing Bee This weeks episode kicked off with the sewing bee's very own Patrick Grant's jacket pattern… Read More
  • Great British Sewing Bee #5 - Recycling Week

    We're going green this week with the Great British Sewing Bee! Using the theme of reduce, reuse, recycle; the contestants were asked to use re-purposed garments and fabrics for this weeks challenges. Reducing our waste when sewing is an important part of what we do. So much fabric ends up in landfills every year and we can all do our part to reduce our footprint on the Earth. Some great ways to help reduce waste is to donate scraps to schools and youth groups for craft projects..even the tiniest pieces can make something spectacular. Repair garments instead of buy… Read More
  • GBSB #4 - Technical Fabrics

    How are we already at week 4! After saying goodbye to Poncho-loving Ben, it is now time for technical week. 'Technical Week' means the contestants tasks will include the use of 'technical' or 'performance' Fabrics, designed for a particular property. Fabrics in this category can have waterproof qualities, high amounts of stretch, windproof and many more capabilities. This was a clear step-up in techniques and designs across all 3 challenges, the competition is definitely heating up! Swimsuit Pattern Challenge This was definitely my favourite challenge to date. The… Read More
  • GBSB #3 - 70s week - Calico Laine

    The 1970s, a decade of the style tribe and political rebellion. So what's the best way of celebrating this? On the GBSB of course! This week the GBSB contestants were tasked to create three 70s-inspired garments to encapsulate the varying styles. Flares The pattern challenge this week could not have been anything other than a good pair of flares. They are an iconic staple to the decade, and as explained in last night episode, a symbol of rebellion. This was a brilliant way to test the sewers skills as they were asked for a full fly front, pockets, a yoke and a set… Read More
  • The GBSB #2 with Calico Laine - Children's Week

    How has a week gone by so fast? Children's week is already upon us, bringing three new challenges for our lovely contestants. This week they were tasked to create garments on a smaller scale, testing their precision and dexterity. This was definitely a fun and colourful episode to watch and all of us at Calico Laine loved it! Cotton Jersey Hoodies This was a great pattern challenge to do, using cute printed cotton jersey and stretchy ribbing, each contestant was to create a child's hoodie. If you are sewing along at home, this is a fairly easy pattern to follow an… Read More
  • The Great British Sewing Bee #1 - THAT Jumpsuit!

    The Great British Sewing Bee is finally back! Our team here at Calico Laine have been clearing their Tuesday nights in preparation for the excitement to begin.The sewing bug is gripping the nation and we cannot get enough! The Wiggle Dress The contestants were thrown in straight away with the first challenge; the classic wiggle dress. This iconic dress curves over the hip and tapers down towards the knee, resulting in a flattering pencil skirt design. This fitted style gives a distinct 'wiggle' when walking, reflecting it's nickname. We can thank Christian Dior's … Read More

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