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  • Three Spookily Easy Last Minute Halloween Crafts

    Halloween is now less than a week away, but don't fear here at Calico Laine we've got you covered with three spookily easy last minute halloween crafts to get you in the spirit. Mini Felt Pumpkins Felt Pumpkins, Halloween Crafts You Will Need Orange Felt Green Felt Brown Felt Brown Cotton Thread Brown Embroidery Thread Step By Step Cut a 20cm circle out of your orange felt for the body of your pumpkin. Cut a 5cm circle out of your orange and green felt for the base and top of your pumpkin. Cut a 4x8 rectangle out of your brown felt to cut out the stem of your… Read More
  • Berisfords Ribbon for Christmas

    Berisfords Ribbon are a well established, internationally renowned company who have been making beautiful ribbons in the North West of England for over 150 years. With all these years of experience Berisfords have really mastered their collections to perfection. They offer an extensive range with something for every occasion. Obviously, at this time of year the focus is on Christmas. This is by far my favourite time of year and an excellent excuse to stock up on my ribbons. I always choose to work with Berisfords Ribbons because the quality is guaranteed, their … Read More
  • How to use ribbons - Craft, glitter or Christmas

    Ribbons are an under rated piece of material in our eyes, and aren't given nearly as much attention as they deserve. With so many different ways that you can use ribbons in a variety of hobbies, they're useful to have around and very pretty to look at. So, with all of this in mind, we thought we'd show ribbons some love and write a post on how to use ribbons. Craft ribbons Craft ribbons are amazing tools that you can use in so many different hobbies. With a great selection of craft ribbons available on our site, you can use them for anything from decorative bakin… Read More
  • Berisford Ribbons - making your own wedding accessories.

    So your getting married and you're absolutely overjoyed and filled with excitement. Everyone loves a good wedding and there's nothing more satisfying than planning and personalising your big day. Lets be honest though, wedding are not cheap and the list of expenditures can be endless. Personally I'm a big fan of doing a lot of the preparation myself, in doing so you'll save a fortune and you'll also have a unique wedding unlike others which your guests will remember. There's one key ingredient that I believe is essential to creating your big day, that is Berisford… Read More
  • Berisfords Ribbons for School Uniforms

    This week, parents across Wirral have been allocated schools for their little ones in September. This means that it won't be long before they have to go and get their very first school uniform; something that we see a lot of on facebook in September when the kids are going to school for their first day. Many customers in our Liscard store like to accessorise their children's school uniforms with Berisfords Ribbons. We have a number of customers who like to use these ribbons to add detail to girls summer socks and we are often inundated during the school holiday … Read More
  • Berisfords Ribbons

    Our Berisfords Ribbons are a constant top seller here at calico laine due to their excellent quality, variety of colours and pretty designs that catch everyones eyes. Berisfords Ribbons are a well known brand of ribbons that customers always ask for when shopping here, so us as a team make sure we stock all ranges including satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon and chiffon ribbon as well as the popular printed ribbons that all customers love. Berisfords Ribbons are also great for different occasions whether its craft projects you are creating or presents you are gift wra… Read More
  • Berisfords Ribbons for Weddings

    With the average wedding costing around £20,000 it is important for people to reduce costs wherever they can. Here at Calico Laine, we have customers on a daily basis visiting us for all different wedding related projects as they try and create some handmade features in their big day to keep the costs down and also to create something unique to them. One of our most popular ranges for weddings, aside from our fabric, is our Berisfords Ribbon selection. Ribbons can be used for a variety of wedding items including invitations, car decorations, sashes for dresses an… Read More
  • Berisfords Ribbons

    At calico laine we stock a large variety of ribbons in different colours, designs and widths so you can be sure when shopping in store or online you will find the ribbon that you need for your project. Berisfords Ribbons is the most popular range we stock due to the selection we have to offer when it comes to colours, pretty designs and roll sizes for those larger amounts of ribbon needed. Not only does our Berisfords collection come in plain colours there is also a range of stunning printed designs that are suitable for attaching to garments, home interior produc… Read More
  • Different Berisfords Ribbons on the market

    There are a number of different ribbons on the market, created by a variety of different manufacturers and although we stock many of the brands available at Calico Laine we find that the most popular and one of our favourites is Berisfords Ribbons. With such a huge range of ribbons created by them, there is always something that will work with your project. Berisfords Ribbons are a trusted haberdasher and their ribbons are both high quality and great value for money. Here is a quick rundown of some of the most popular ribbons in the Berisfords Ribbons range : Shee… Read More
  • Berisfords Ribbons - Summer Ribbons

    Finally summer has arrived and festival season is very much underway. We recently posted a blog citing popular fabrics to make items of clothing perfect for summer festivals. No festival outfit would be complete without attention to detail and that includes hair accessories. Ribbon is the ideal item to spruce up a hair do and here at Calico Laine we do an extensive range of Berisfords Ribbons that cover a range of widths, textures, colours and patterns. Depending on the type of festival you are going to the ribbon you choose may vary.  Popular ribbons for dance m… Read More

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