1. Quilting Fabrics and Ideas

    Quilting Fabrics and Ideas
    It is widely known by now that we love patchwork Quilting Fabrics here online and in-store at Calico Laine. With all the new products and machines coming out, we are constantly blown away with the new creations our customers can make. Our huge range of quilting fabrics and accessories are popular amongst our team and customers alike. Quilt Ideas The...
  2. Patchwork Projects with Calico Laine

    Patchwork Projects with Calico Laine
    Patchwork quilting is something so dear to our hearts here at Calico Laine. We pride ourselves on providing everything you need to create your own patchwork project. From bags to quilts and everything in between, the art of patchwork really can be for everyone. We aim to offer everything you need for your patchwork project, meaning you can simply start...
  3. Quilting Fabrics at Calico Laine

    Quilting Fabrics at Calico Laine
    Quilting or patchwork is a huge part of what we offer here at Calico Laine. There is just something so special about making a patchwork quilted piece. It's also a lovely way to bring that handmade touch to your home. Quilting techniques can be used to make patchwork quilts and throws in an endless combination of colours and shapes. Sometimes starting...

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