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  • Buy Zips Online with Calico Laine

    When you buy zips online there are so many to choose from, especially at Calico Laine. Open end or closed end, plastic or metal, invisible, extra-long; the list goes on. There is a lot to consider when choosing the right one. We provide both the best quality zips and the knowledge of what zip would be best for your project. Buy Zips Online - Closed End Our most popular range of zips that we sell online are our YKK dress zips. These zips are closed end meaning they join at the bottom. As such they are perfect for many items of clothing, like skirts, dresses and blo… Read More
  • Using Concealed or Invisible Zips

    Many people are put off by the idea of using concealed or invisible Zips simply because they look more difficult than your ordinary zip. Adding a concealed zip is actually much easier than you might think. The name is quite self explanatory with invisible zips, they almost look like they are inside out and they are inserted into a garment or crafting project without any visual machine stitching showing. They are inserted using only the seam allowance so they are completely hidden. When inserting a concealed zip its quite easy to do with just your normal sewing … Read More
  • Buy Zips Online at Calico Laine Ltd

    In recent years we have expanded out ranges of zips massively to keep up with demand. This expansion now means that you can buy zips for almost anything ranging from tents to jeans. Here at Calico Laine we sell hundreds of Zips every weeks for general dress making and clothing repairs, a lot of people don't realise that you can actually Buy Zips Online for all kinds of different projects. Here we're going to discuss some of the less commonly known zips which are really useful to know about. Buy Zips Online at Calico Laine One of the cheapest and most economical wa… Read More
  • Using Concealed Zips for a neater finish

    When it comes to dressmaking, there are a number of different fastenings to choose from to fasten a garment. You can choose from zips, press fasteners, hooks and bars and buttons. The best selling fastener at Calico Laine is no doubt zips. Whether you are sewing a jacket, knitting a child's aran cardigan or making a bag; zips are one of the most reliable and have a great aesthetic. Zips come in a range of styles including dress zips, Concealed Zips, metal zips, jeans zips just to name a few. Concealed Zips give a garment a better aesthetic When making clothing, es… Read More
  • Buy Zips for the winter

    This January seems to be a very cold month with temperatures dropping to 0 degrees and below. Now the weather is freezing we are starting to wear more winter coats and rain macs to keep warm. Walking the dog in this weather seems to be great effort especially when its raining and cold outside. Rain macs are the perfect protector for this weather, especially when they have a good heavy duty zip fastener. You can Buy Zips for the winter at Calico Laine in a wide range of designs and colours especially for your garment. If you need to replace a zip, heavy duty zips o… Read More
  • YKK Zips Online at Calico Laine

    I love the winter, I think there is something cosy about the dark nights but this time of year can cause havoc if you're not well equipped. Good quality clothing items can be expensive so its often worth while making do and repairing any imperfections. The most common complaint with winter coats is broken Zips. Don't be deterred by a broken zip, its actually quite an easy alteration. The hardest part of fixing a zip is usually taking the old one out so be sure to have some scissors or hand a stitch ripper. There's nothing worse than trying to get a job completed w… Read More
  • The Best Ways To Use Zip Fasteners

    The zip fastener or ‘clasp locker’ has been used for many years in dress making and haberdashery and its use has evolved over this time as well as its name with it commonly being referred to as zip, zipper or fly. The functionality and design of the zip has made it a popular choice in securing fabric together. It is a practical, easy to use and secure mechanism with different variations and uses. The popularity of the zip has led to a huge trend which involves taking away the function of the zip and simply using it as a design feature. What was once a fastene… Read More
  • Buy Zips Online for large sewing projects

    Here at Calico Laine based in Cheshire, we stock a good range of zips for your dressmaking and sewing projects. These include both open end and closed end zips which can be used for a variety of projects. It can be easy to Buy Zips for small dressmaking projects in local haberdashery stores however it is not always as easy to find long zips. At Calico Laine you can Buy Zips Online from our range of long zips; these can be used to complete your large sewing projects. Buy Zips Online with Calico Laine If you are need to Buy Zips Online that are a metre in leng… Read More
  • Buy Zips at Calico Laine Today

    When you Buy Zips online with us you should take a look at our recently added range of new quality continuous zipping come into stock here at Calico Laine. This new zipping comes in a range of unique eye-catching colours and includes matching zip pulls. We have always had this zipping in darker shades so we thought a brighter shade pallet would be hugely popular. Continuous Zipping People mainly Buy Zips to use as a fastener in a garment, accessory or homeware product. Continuous zipping is often used for interior projects such as cushions as a larger amount is ne… Read More
  • Buy Zips for fastening your garments

    Fasteners are an essential part of dressmaking and there are a number of different types to choose from including press fasteners, buttons, Zips and velcro.  At Calico Laine we find that the majority of our customers Buy Zips to create a fastening in their garments. This makes them one of our best selling haberdashery products. Closed end Zips sold at Calico Laine If you are creating a dress. skirt or pair of trousers you will need to use closed end dress Zips. These are Zips that do not open fully and have a stopper at the end. Sold from our warehouse in Cheshi… Read More

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